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Bali trekkingYou are planning a vacation to Bali, and want to visit the tourist attraction of Bedugul which is famous as a tourism place in the form of lake. Visit Lake Tamblingan Bali which is located in the northern part of Gunung Lesung village in Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. Tamblingan Lake is located very close to several tourist attractions such as Bedugul, Lake Berata, Ulundanu Bratan Temple and the Bedugul Botanical Garden.

History of Lake Tamblingan Bedugul Bali

Tamblingan Lake Indeed gives a lot of charm and attractiveness but behind it Lake Tamblingan has a very interesting historical story that began in the century 10-14 CE, Lake Tamblingan is a village located in Gunung Lesung next to the South of the lake and the inhabitants scatter and divide their territory into several groups and the location that is chosen to move the place and its location still in the vicinity of Lake Tamblingan Bedugul. The four new villages around Lake Tamblingan are now known in the name of Munduk village, Gobleg Village, Gesing Village, and Umerejo village, a separate area but residents in these four villages are alternately continuously over time to Responsible for maintaining lake Tamblingan ranging from cleanliness, conservation of nature and to keep the region in a spiritual way by doing religious ceremonies.

The origins of Lake Tamblingan Bedugul Bali

Tamblingan Lake has a unique story that tells history and has a unique side of the story. Tamblingan Lake has its origin in the name of Tamblingan which according to the story notes that there is in a Lontar heron of Kanda Dewa Purana Bangsul which in the Lontar was told that the name of Tamblingan derived from two syllables namely Tamba which means the drug and the word Elingang that has the meaning of recall or spiritual ability. It is said that former residents of Tamblingan infected with an epidemic of infectious diseases that are very difficult to heal so that the people around experiencing suffering and despair. Until one day there was a saint of them trying to find a cure to overcome the outbreak of the disease that struck the villagers. And the saint came down to a small danu whose location is right under the village that they lived in which is Lake Tamblingan by looking to take water from the buried lake which will be given to the people who have been affected by the outbreak of the disease. And finally, perlaha of disease land suffered by the citizen can also be healed.